Carousel in the park Christmas party

Kivrin loves the carousel. Can you tell?

The library sponsors a holiday party for staff and families at the Carousel at Gage Park with unlimited carousel rides.  This year, we almost didn’t go because Dan worked all day and Lissa didn’t have any success getting Kivrin to take a nap that afternoon until driving around on the way to the event. But we are glad that we did go! (Even though you might notice that Kivrin isn’t wearing any shoes– she had taken them off in the car before she fell asleep and we didn’t notice until we had carried her inside already.)

Our family photo with Santa (shh! It’s really a kind library employee in disguise)

Kivrin happily riding a carousel horse with Daddy

Travis enjoyed the carousel (or at least the lights and motion) too!

Travis getting up close and personal with Santa

Kivrin showing off the cookies that Nancy made for all of the staff to enjoy!

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Fun adventures

Kivrin is adventurous, that’s for sure. This bungee trampoline combo at the mall has captivated her attention for months, but she decided she wanted to try it — and she loved it!

December 2, it was even warm enough for the kids to go on a walk to try out our new stroller!

December 2, Travis showing off his social smile and general agreeable nature in the bouncer seat.

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photo session

See our new Sears Portraits on flickr

Not the most cooperative children for this photo session, but some cute newborn and toddler pictures in spite of it all.

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family time

Kivrin saying “Hello, New Baby!”

Kivrin and Travis snuggling with Lissa.

Travis taking his first bath in the sink-tub!

Kivrin helping Lissa give Travis his first sink-bath.

Kivrin’s favorite toy/game this week is called “Cups.” I think you can probably figure out how it works from this photo.

Travis had the tastiest two week baby checkup ever– Dr. Iliff and his family brought us dinner as a special home visit, and Travis had his checkup right in the living room on the couch!

Daniel, Travis, and Kivrin enjoying our special supper together!

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A visit from Grandma and Grandpa Fogt

Kivrin wanted us all to walk to the red park (Boswell) with the wagon.

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Busy Saturday

9 am – Kivrin has been up for a few hours already, making her magnet animals “hot” in the pots and pans and helping set up the marble run in the kitchen.

10 am – Storytime at the library on Saturday mornings features Kyler singing and playing the guitar (and many children and parents singing along and having fun!)

11 am – While we were at the library, Travis received his first library card!

4pm – Travis and Lissa explore the upper level of the Topeka Zoo rainforest.

4pm – Kivrin, Lissa and Travis pose with the Topeka Zoo’s baby giraffe, Hope!

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A picture a day

October 5, 2010 – Kivrin running home after our family walk.

October 6, 2010 – Lissa and Travis (and Daniel) enjoying the Gordon Korman author talk at TSCPL. (Korman is Lissa’s favorite author from school-age reading.)

October 7, 2010 – Lissa and Travis at Boswell Park.

October 8, 2010 – Kivrin “reading” the Touch and Feel Kittens board book with textured pages to Travis while he nurses. (picture cropped a whole bunch for modesty, but the cute parts still show!)

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“Don’t worry, Travis. If you grow too much overnight, I’ll just cut you out of this outfit in the morning.” Dan, after wiggling Travis into a newborn-sized gown at bedtime.

“Well, that blanket isn’t thick enough.” Dan, after discovering the baby’s diaper had leaked…

October 5, 2010 –Newborn diapers are a thing of the past in our house already, and some of the newborn clothes are making their way over to the “pack away” pile too. We are realizing that a month makes a big difference for baby attired — It was so very hot still when Kivrin was born in late August, but late September and early October have a decided chill in the fall air. Our newborn strategy of dressing the baby only in a sidesnap tshirt for our own convenience isn’t working quite as well with Travis and we are choosing more complicated garments with actual outfits and socks and everything!

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Kivrin – no longer an only child – still quite adorable

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Jon and Sara visit

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