photo session

See our new Sears Portraits on flickr

Not the most cooperative children for this photo session, but some cute newborn and toddler pictures in spite of it all.

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  1. Leonard Biggs says:

    Ahh! the pictures are teriffic. I still remember those times even though I have grandkids now.

    Lissa Somehow I have misfiled the instructions on the November 30 deadline for my novel. I am having a great time, with approx 20,000 words now. Its amazing how much I am learning about writing. Without this exercise I would know alot less about writing!! Question, what do I do when I reach the 50,000 words? How to I submit my novel? thanks Leonard

    • lissa says:

      Hi Leonard —
      Did you already create a username and password at
      If not, do that first.

      Then, when you reach 50,000 words, you can “Validate your Novel” which usually involves copy-and-pasting the entire text of the novel into a text box on the nanowrimo website and then they will word count it and you will be declared a winner on the site adn given access to the winner certificate to print it, as well as receive access (within a few days after Dec 1 usually) to a winners code to get a free proof copy of your novel from their partner, Createspace, if you want to submit it to get it printed by them.
      Usually you can validate your novel starting around November 25 or so on the website, the link to do it isn’t active yet. — I jsut checked and the link is called “Verify and Win” and it is on each person’s author profile page, so you will log in to the site and look at your own profile to find the link — you can see mine here on the upper left side of my profile:

      Hope this helps, and if you need anything else, let me know! I just reached 20000 words yesterday — keep writing, we can do it!


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