“Don’t worry, Travis. If you grow too much overnight, I’ll just cut you out of this outfit in the morning.” Dan, after wiggling Travis into a newborn-sized gown at bedtime.

“Well, that blanket isn’t thick enough.” Dan, after discovering the baby’s diaper had leaked…

October 5, 2010 –Newborn diapers are a thing of the past in our house already, and some of the newborn clothes are making their way over to the “pack away” pile too. We are realizing that a month makes a big difference for baby attired — It was so very hot still when Kivrin was born in late August, but late September and early October have a decided chill in the fall air. Our newborn strategy of dressing the baby only in a sidesnap tshirt for our own convenience isn’t working quite as well with Travis and we are choosing more complicated garments with actual outfits and socks and everything!

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