Carousel in the park Christmas party

Kivrin loves the carousel. Can you tell?

The library sponsors a holiday party for staff and families at the Carousel at Gage Park with unlimited carousel rides.  This year, we almost didn’t go because Dan worked all day and Lissa didn’t have any success getting Kivrin to take a nap that afternoon until driving around on the way to the event. But we are glad that we did go! (Even though you might notice that Kivrin isn’t wearing any shoes– she had taken them off in the car before she fell asleep and we didn’t notice until we had carried her inside already.)

Our family photo with Santa (shh! It’s really a kind library employee in disguise)

Kivrin happily riding a carousel horse with Daddy

Travis enjoyed the carousel (or at least the lights and motion) too!

Travis getting up close and personal with Santa

Kivrin showing off the cookies that Nancy made for all of the staff to enjoy!

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